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SDA was established in 1988 with its main concern to look after the hearing impaired (deaf) people. Our activities area spans from curricular and skill training activities to supports and extra curricular ones, including cultural and developmental initiatives. Moving from one office location to another, we finally settled and established our office at SNC center in the Blue Area of Islamabad. Here we have tried to established a community center as well as a learning center for the deaf where they learn different academic courses and indoor games.
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Chairman Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi

chairman message:

Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi, Chariman Zi SOLAR

It is now more than 30 years since 1986 that I am engaged in serving Persons with Disabilities, more so with Hearing Impaired Persons (also called Deaf, Hard of Hearing etc). Strange enough, and true to the ground reality, that these people prefer to be called “Deaf”, but hate to be called “Dumb” as well. You will observe that all of their Associations in different cities of Pakistan have the word “Deaf”. They say that we do not want fancy name for us but would love to see true and meaningful commitment to our cause and the cause of Persons with Disabilities. continue reading ...

My life time commitment and association with deaf community in Pakistan is because of my commitment with Allah SWT that this is the best way I can thanks Allah SWT to have Blessed me with children without any disability. My resolve is to share some time from my routine life to serve these Persons with Disabilities, who are being left behind in race of life due to disability, due to attitude of society, and due to absence or lack of equal access to opportunities in the life. Equal resolve is to stand with the parents of these Persons with Disabilities, who in Allah’s scheme of things are faced with the challenge of raising a child with disability and make him/her a contributing part of the society.

Today as I look back, I feel honored that through different platforms of Deaf Persons, we have some visible accomplishments in empowering deaf community in the field of education, skill development, employment, sports and recreation, computer literacy etc. Whether it was the development of Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) dictionary, establishing IT lab, developing Computer Sign Language Book, or starting the Microfinance Program for the deaf in different cities of Pakistan in association with Akhuwat Foundation.

I would also like to take this opportunity to request parents of Deaf/Disable Children to encourage the deaf people to take challenging initiatives, trust their ability NOT disability, they always said to me that they can learn everything. They proudly say “Mazoor Hain Majboor Nahin, meaning that we may be deficient in some ability but are determined to excel in others”. Trust on your children, do not over protect them.

It is my honor to take this opportunity to thank people like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, Dr. Hilal Al-Tuwairqi, Mr. A.K. Dhedhi, Syed Iftikhar Ahmed and many such dignitaries who were always available to support the mission of Sir Syed Deaf Association in serving the deaf persons in Pakistan. I am also grateful to my family, specially my wife Dr. Talat Rizvi, who facilitated me in devoting my time and resources to the cause of Persons with Disabilities in Pakistan.

Patron Dr. Hilal Al Tuwairqi

patron message:

Dr. Hilal Al Tuwairqi, Chairman Tuwairqi Steel Mills

It was among the most pleasant and gratifying moment of my life when, on invitation of Mr. Zaigham M. Rizvi, I visited the office of Sir Syed deaf Association in Islamabad. The warm welcome given to me by the members of SDA was an inspiration to me to join and serve this cause through the platform of SDA. In my family in Saudi Arabia, there is a handicapped person, but in my routine life I could never take an initiative to peep into the life of persons with disabilities, see the challenges they face and the determination they have to meet life challenges. Meeting hearing impaired boys and girls in such a large number at the platform of SDA, with hope and determination shining on their faces, was a great moment in my life. First I thanked Allah SWT to have saved me from the challenge of raising a disable child, and then I decided to play my humble role in enabling them to be a respectable and productive member of the society. May Allah Guide us and empower us to serve this noble mission.

executive committee of SDA
President Mushtaq


Muhammad Mushtaq Butt

General Secretary Usman


Usman Ahmed

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Noman Sarfraz

Finance Secretary Shoaib


Muhammad Shoaib



Education we offer computer literacy programmes, ranging from Typing, Internet and Email to MS Office and Graphic Designing.

Sign Language: we offer sign language training from the very start of our association. We also have developed books on sign language (see our publications section)

Sport and Social Activities: We arrange different indoor and outdoor sport programs, see our sport activities page

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Micro Finance Services for the Deaf

Microfinance Service for the Deaf

New Initiative with Akhwat Foundation

"Not give them fish, but teach them how to fish". There is 2% quota for persons with disabilities but neither it is fully implemented nor it is enough. As there is lack of employment opportunities for the deaf, we started a new program with Akhwat Foundation. This small loan program offer interest free loans for small business.

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In 1989 we published first ever Pakistan Sign Language (PSL) dictionary. and in 200? we published First ever IT skills book in Pakistan Sign Language (PSL).

Sign Langauge book on IT

Sign Language Publications

First ever IT Skills book with PSL

in late 80s, early 90s many companies start using computer and need of skilled human resources were felt. We sat this as a new employment opportunity for the deaf, in fact today many deaf people are working as computer operator in various companies. First we setups an IT lab, then we found there is lack of signs to use for training. From our training expereinced we developed and pubished first ever IT skills book with PSL book in 200??

download IT skills book

PSL first ever dictionary

Sign Language Publications

First ever PSL dictionary

From very start we realized the need of learning material in Pakistan Sign Language (PSL). Besides the deaf children, teachers, parents, and Sign Language interpreters needed sign language learning material. We realized and with efforts of X years we were able to published first ever PSL dictionary. It consist xxx number of signs. . . . . .

Mr. Iftikhar Ahmed, fam "Boltay Haat" PVT program, was the driving person on the dictionary development project.

download PSL dictionary


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